Payroll accounting

Today, accounting for salaries and wages is one of the most complex fields in tax law. It includes issues relating to wage tax law but also aspects of labour and social security law. We keep up-to-date on the constant changes in this field by engaging in continuing education.

Entrust your payroll accounting to our experts and benefit from more reliable accounting, quick appraisals and professional implementation of the following services:

  • Ongoing payroll accounting
  • Settlement of accounts for overtime, bonuses and travel expenses
  • Calculation of current wage taxes
  • Advice on optimal structuring of wage and salary payments
  • Registration and deregistration with the health insurance fund
  • Salary grading
  • Calculation of holiday pay, public holiday remuneration and sick pay
  • Auditing of travel expense accounts, identification of the components subject to tax and social security contributions
  • Assistance in wage tax, municipal tax and social security audits
  • Tips on how to write letters of reference
  • Clarification in case of doubts relating to labour, tax and social security law
  • Online access to social security providers and the tax office
  • Advice for the organisation of employment relationships: employment contract, contract for work and services, freelance contract for services
  • Advice for the preparation of employment contracts, company agreements and the interpretation of collective bargaining agreements
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