Proper bookkeeping involves the diligent collection of all your business’s invoices and receipts. In addition to recording all the invoices and receipts, cost planning and performance control are also essential in a high-standard accounting system.

If we do your bookkeeping, we also provide a short-term performance analysis:

This analysis gives you an idea of the direction your income and expenses are going. The information tells you what situation your business is in and gives you an opportunity to take (remedial) action in a timely manner.

We adjust the scope of accountancy to suit your company's needs:

Whether you are obliged to use the cash accounting method or draw up balance sheets, our accounting services are organised to suit your company’s specific requirements.

Naturally, you also have the option of doing all or some of your accounting yourself.

In this case, we would be happy to recommend the proper accounting software, give your accounting staff seminars, and keep you up-to-date about any relevant changes in tax law.

We offer the following 'accounting' services:

  • Allocation of ongoing transactions to the proper accounts and entering them properly in the IT system
  • Ongoing reconciliation of the accounts
  • Management of accounts receivable and payable
  • Organisation of the accounting system
  • Information on your business performance
  • Preparation of short-term performance reports
  • Accurate periodic accruals and deferrals, for example of special payments and depreciations
  • Automatic data transfer from electronic ledgers and billing systems
  • Ongoing advice by telephone and email in reply to bookkeeping questions
  • Pick-up and delivery of receipts and invoices
  • ABC analysis of clients and suppliers
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