Business auditing

Medium-sized and large stock corporations, but also private foundations, belong to a category of businesses for which commercial law mandates an annual audit of the financial statements. .

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Tax advice

Many taxpayers feel overwhelmed by tax law, which is constantly changing and becoming ever more complex. We offer reliable professional assistance.

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Business consulting

Using our strong business consulting skills, we are able to directly identify, clearly define and carefully analyse problem areas.

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Advice for start-ups

For all the problems that can arise during a business start-up, we have acquired the appropriate know-how and are happy to provide you with professional assistance at every stage of your idea.

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Expert opinions

Our services include the preparation of expert opinions on matters related to accounting and balance sheet management, in particular, and to tax law, in general.

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Proper bookkeeping involves the diligent collection of all your business’s invoices and receipts. In addition to recording all the invoices and receipts, cost planning and performance control are also essential in a high-standard accounting system.

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Payroll accounting

Today, accounting for salaries and wages is one of the most complex fields in tax law. It includes issues relating to wage tax law but also aspects of labour and social security law. We keep up-to-date on the constant changes in this field by engaging in continuing education.

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Business succession

Business successions are generally a critical juncture in the overall operating structure. You need to let go on the one hand while company management must be allowed to continue unhindered and without delay.

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Financial criminal law

Having to deal with criminal law can happen faster than you may think. What's always important: Contact a lawyer immediately! Simply because: uncertainty and, in many cases, even innocence will not protect from punishment.

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Disputes often lead to many years of conflict and end up in court. The resulting court proceedings cost a lot of time and money, and usually there is neither a winner nor a loser. But it does not have to be that way.

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